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CE 424 Public Transportation Systems

Date (2007) Materials Date Materials
Apr 2 Introduction ppt Apr 4 [RB] Technology Overview
Apr 9 [PR] QOS Concepts Apr 11 Paper Proposal Due
Public Transportation System Planning
Apr 16

Measuring QOS

Apr 18 Transit Service
Bus Stop Spacing
Apr 23

Capacity Concepts

Apr 25

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Dill - TOD Presentation
Transit Operations Principles

Apr 30 Bus Facility Capacity
Homework 2A Dwell Time Data
Review for Midterm
May 2 Midterm*
May 7

Speed Concepts
Ridership and Quality of Service 

May 9

Transit Operations and Maintenance

May 14 Stop, Station and Terminal Capacity May 16 Bus Facility Design
May 21 BRT Service Planning May 23 Rail Facility Design
Rail Systems Design
May 28 HOLIDAY University Closed May 30 Guest Speaker
Advanced Public Transportation Systems
Jun 4 Rail Capacity
Transit Performance Measurement
Jun 11 TERM PAPER DUE AND STUDENT PRESENTATIONS (during the Final Exam Period) 19:30-21:20