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CE 459/559 Transportation Operations Winter 2014



Introduction to Traffic Flow Theory

  • Traffic Flow and Capacity (M. Cassidy)
  • Unlocking Some Mysteries of Traffic Flow Theory (R. Bertini)
Overview (or History) of Traffic Flow Theory
  • "Memoirs on Highway Traffic Flow Theory in the 1950’s" (G. Newell)
  • "State-of-the-art of Vehicular Traffic Flow Modeling" (S. Hoogendoorn and P. Bovy)
Traffic Flow Theory (Macroscopic)
  • LWR Model: "On Kinematic Waves. I. Flow Movement in Long Rivers. II. A Theory of Traffic Flow on Long Crowded Roads." (M. Lighthill and G. Whitham, 1955), Proc. Roy. Society. A 229 281-345
  • "Shockwaves on the Highway", Operation Research 4 42-51 (P. Richards)
  • "A Simplified Theory of Kinematic Waves in Highway Traffic" (G. Newell, 1993), Transportation Research 27B 281-313
  • "Requiem for high-order fluid approximations of traffic flow", (C. Daganzo), Transportation Research B, 29 (4), 277-287
Empirical Studies Supporting LWR Model
  • "Traffic Flow in Tunnels" (L. Edie and R. Foote), Proceedings of Highway Research Board 37, 334-344
  • "Bivariate relations in highway traffic" (M. Cassidy), Transportation Research 32B(1) 49-59
  • "Structure of the Transition Zone Behind Freeway Queues" (J. Munoz and C. Daganzo), Transportation Science 37, 312-329
  • "Possible Explanations of Phase Transitions in Highway Traffic" (C. Daganzo, M. Cassidy, and R. Bertini), Transportation Research A 33(5)
Traffic Phenomena not Explained by LWR Model
  • Capacity drop: "Observations at a Freeway Bottleneck" (M. Cassidy and R. Bertini), 14th ISTTT
  • Hysteresis phenomena: "The Hysteresis Phenomenon in Traffic Flow" (J. Treiterer and J. Myers), 6th ISTTT
  • Stop-and-Go driving: "Freeway Traffic Oscillations" (M. Mauch and M. Cassidy), ISTTT
  • Moving Bottleneck: "Moving Bottlenecks: A Theory Grounded on Experimental Observation" (J. Munoz and C. Daganzo), 12th ISTTT
  • Phantom-jams: "Theory of Congested Traffic Flow: Self-Organization without Bottlenecks" (B. Kerner, 1999), 14th ISTTT
Modified Models
  • "Instability in Dense Highway Traffic", (G. Newell), 2nd ISTTT
  • "A moving bottleneck" (G. Newell, 1988), Transportation Research B, 32(8), 531-537*
  • "A continuum Theory of Traffic Dynamics for Freeways with Special Lanes" (C. Daganzo, 1997) Transportation Research B, 31(2), 83-102
  • "A Behavioral Theory of Multi-Lane Traffic Flow Part I: Long Homogeneous Freeway Sections", (C. Daganzo, 2002), Transportation Research B, 36 (2), 131-158
  • "A Behavioral Theory of Multi-Lane Traffic Flow Part II: Merges and the Onset of Congestion", (C. Daganzo, 2002),Transportation Research B, 36 (2), 159-169
  • "A Mathematical Theory of Traffic Hysteresis" (M. Zhang), Transportation Research B, 33(1), 1-23
  • "Remarks on Traffic Flow Modeling and its Applications" (C. Daganzo)

Bottleneck Identification Papers