My grandfather L.A. Daly (1907-1984) worked for Southern Pacific Railroad from 1927-1972, his father William (1862-1911) and grandfather John Daly (1832-1897) worked for railroads in IA and IL. My grandmother's brothers maintained a railroad section in Weir, NE. My great-grandfather Emilio Bertini worked for a railroad in Portola, CA around 1900. My grandfather Nello Bertini (1894-1947) was a chef with United Airlines in San Francisco. Also a family trip to visit my grandmother in Italy in 1979 was a truly multimodal experience.
L.A. Daly 1972 L.A. Daly and Bil 1972 Nello Bertini 1947
Air Balair DC-9

Bike Rob and Bil Diecimo

Train Rob, Bil and Jeanne Ski Lift Abetone Walk Mom, Noni, Bil, Dad
Auto Rob and Bil

Tourboat Bil in Portovenere

Motor Launch Venice

Motorcycle Angela Marcucci Moped Maria and Bil
Rack & Pinion Railway Rigi Car Train St. Gotthard Car Ferry Bellagio Bus Rome Taxi Zurich/Rome